How to participate?

Anyone who would like to contribute to this collaborative project by recording a few seconds of their own voice speaking words from texts of ferry cancellations, weather reports, and daily books from the ferries is very welcome. Whether or not you have undertaken this journey yourself, you are invited to add your voice and speak aloud words from weather reports, ferry logs, delays and cancellations.

You can contribute anonymously or you can add your name so that it is listed with the artwork. Your voice can be distorted if you would prefer.

If you would like to contribute, send me an email address at the contact page below (an email or a postal address if you prefer) and I will send you a piece of text.

Then, you—and anyone you would like to share your text with—can record as few or as many words as you like as a sound file. (This should be easy to do on most mobile phones. If you don’t have access to a recording device, let me know and I will try to arrange something.)

Lastly, return the clip to me at

I am working with the clips to create a soundscape that listeners can access via headphones. The performance will be regularly updated and freely available online to listen to or to exhibit via a Creative Commons license.

I hope that this can be a collaborative project. If you have any queries or suggestions, I would be delighted to hear from you.